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Tel.01442 250458


Arkley Road  

Woodhall Farm

Hemel Hempstead

Herts HP2 7JX

Woodhall Farm NeighbourhoodAssociation  



 Arkley Road

 Hemel Hempstead Herts HP2 7JX

 Manager: Julie Banks  01442 250458

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We are the People of Woodhall Farm. Names might be disguised but the info is true


Margy, 84 born on Hampstead Heath, father was a chauffeur for a millionaire, evacuated to St Albans in 1939, taught at Bellgate School, in Zaire and in Peckham.


Joyce: Born in Birmingham, then evacuated to Worcester two Orchards two pigs and piglets, chickens, chinchilla rabbits.I was happy there.Worked with greyhounds, not allowed to bet. My husband’s Grandad was The Great Ricardo, a Lion Tamer. Interesting family my husband had.


Josie, 56: In the Malaysia army. Married a Naval Petty Officer, her career was sabotaged when she married. They moved to here to a whole new world and now she is a nurse: From the killing fields to the curing fields


J.M. 88. I used to pass the Sheffield steel foundries on the way to my Sequence Ballroom Dance class when I was 12. One day a lot of American Soldiers came to watch and how they cheered and clapped because they thought we were so good.


Charlie B. Engineer, Born Poplar, London. Something interesting in my life? Can't think of anything - Oh! I was in the Royal Navy and my ship went to the Korean War.


Sheena. Born Southport, Lancs.been to China, Zambia, Japan, Australia, Greece and Egypt. I am a retired Radiograher, a Power Wheelchair Control Freak, especially on buses. And Playgirl Ha Ha!


John W. Born in Leeds, Yorks. Electrician with BT.Have been ski-ing. Visited China, USA and Peru. I am the carer for the retired Playgirl and Wheelchair Freak.


I often used to walk along the Redbourn Road to Hemel, where Maylands Avenue is now to plough and then home.