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Arkley Road  

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 Arkley Road

 Hemel Hempstead Herts HP2 7JX

 Manager: Julie Banks  01442 250458

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Pregnancy Yoga

My name is Cristina and I run weekly Pregnancy Yoga classes on Tuesdays 7 - 8.30 pm.

How much does it cost and what does that include?

The classes run in 8 week blocks and you can start any week we have space as the blocks are 'rolling'.


The 8 week block costs £70 and includes a welcome pack in a lovely canvas bag and £5 discount on your first post natal class block (babywearing yoga or baby massage).


You will also have access to my personal collection of books on yoga, pregnancy, birth, babies and more.


Please click here to like MyYogaCorner on Facebook to keep up to date with all things mummy and baby and then click here to add me as a friend on Facebook so that I can add you to the MyYogaCorner Social Facebook group. Here you will find the most up to date information regarding class changes, events and amendments etc, and it's a secret group so feel free to ask and share :)


Should you prefer drop-in classes you can do it at £10 per class. And a trial class would be £5. Preference will be given to ladies booking a block.


What happens at the classes?

I keep the classes small so you will get lots of one-to-one attention and each week we cover a different topic such as bonding with baby, the fourth trimester or preparing for the big day. We also cover things like breathing techniques and positions for labour too. The yoga postures are all suitable for pregnancy and will be adapted as per your trimester, and focus on building strength and stamina and keeping you flexible and fit.

At the end of the class we have tea and biscuits. This class offers yoga for pregnancy but also covers birth education and offers the opportunity to meet like minded mums locally :)


When is it best to start?

You can start classes any time after 6 weeks of pregnancy. If you have any preexisting medical conditions or have had any serious problems during pregnancy, please run this past your GP or midwife before starting the class and discuss with myself. Please don't worry if you have never done yoga before, most of the mums to be are trying it for the first time!


What do I need to bring?

All mats, blankets and equipment are provided, just bring yourself, a bottle of water and some loose comfortable clothes for your yoga practice. I also recommend that you practice in your bare feet as if you wear socks you may slip on the yoga mat :(

You may want to bring your favourite pillow to use during relaxation :)


What happens if I miss a class?

The reason I run the classes in blocks is because I only take 15 mummies to be at any one class. If you miss any classes I'm afraid you can't carry them over and your block must used be consecutively.

I do try to be flexible so I will extend your block if you have holidays etc prebooked and you let me know at the time of booking.


If you have any other questions please get in touch.



Group Yoga Classes in Hemel Hempstead and Berkhamsted:

- Pregnancy Yoga - - Baby Massage - - Babywearing Yoga


One on One sessions also available.


Local free support groups:

- Positive Birth Movement - Hemel, Berkhamsted and Tring - - Hemel Breastfeeders


Local sling and cloth nappy library: Stork and the Bees

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